Janmashtami, Radha Krishna remembered

August 09, 2012 11:16
Janmashtami, Radha Krishna  remembered

Krishna1Janmashtami the birth day of Lord Sri Krishna is celebrated across the nation with fervor. The word Krishna means "one who is always in the transport of joy", also means "black" which was the color of Lord Krishna. The whole nation is gearing up to celebrate the occasion on  August 10, Friday from 6pm-12 mid night. But what is important is that on this festive day, Radha Krishna is most remembered. And the word Radha Krishna transpires all into a world of romance. Lord Krishna had 16,000 concerts as per one story and had nearly 1,61,080 sons. And Rukmini the reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi was the head-queen of the palace in Dwaraka.

Krishna2Amidst all this why is this mystical name Radha Krishna ever reckoned in connection to romance. As per a myth Radha was even older to Krishna and had always adored him. In general Radha means ‘perfection’, ‘success’ and even ‘wealth. Vrindavan and Mathura are considered to be the centers of Radha-Krishna worship. The eternal romance between the Lord Krishna and Radha are depicted well in 'Rasa leela' in Krishna Purana. There is also a myth that Radha is the original form of 'shakti' who later decimated into the 16,000 gopikas. And the 'Rasa leela' depicts the various ways the Lord did to please them at the same time.

Krishna3Radha is the symbol of selfless devotion, while the Lord ruled the entire living beings, it was Radha who ruled him. This was possible due to her severe and constant thoughts that only had the Lord in its epicenter. Hence Radha is known to be the ultimate devotee and Meera Bhai followed her intensely. This simply implies that selfless devotion helps one reach moksha. To this day Radha Krishn are remembered fro their innate moments and the thought about them drifts the youthto distant lands of romance. (With inputs from internet-AW AarKay)

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