Attacks On TTD Pradhana Archaka: Inside Truths

June 25, 2018 11:09
Attacks On TTD Pradhana Archaka: Inside Truths

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Attacks On TTD Pradhana Archaka: Inside Truths:- After TTD head priest Ramana Dikshitulu has been asked to step down from his position, there have been wide speculations about the happenings in TTD and about the attack on Pradhana Archaka. Instead of addressing the issues raised by Ramana Dikshitulu, he has been personally attacked from various corners by TTD board members along with the Andhra Pradesh Government which left many in surprise. The political motives of AP Government and TTD are the real reasons. SV Badri, the grand-son of Sriman Kalyanam Iyengar, the man who created Tirupati laddoos revealed several truths about Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) and the Pradhana Archakas.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam

There are 4 Pradhana Archakas of the Tirumala Balaji temple and they come from four families who served God for over 40 generations. They are:

Pydipalli (Sriman Narayana Dikshitulu)

Gollapalli (Sriman Dr. A.V.Ramana Dikshitulu)

Tirupatamma (Sriman Narasimha Dikshitulu)

Peddinti (Sriman Srinivasamurthy Dikshitulu)

They are not employees of TTD and they are not paid any salaries for their duties. They took it as a responsibility to serve Lord Venkateswara and it is called as 'Kainkaryam to the Bhagawan'. They were getting 'Rusumu' as income and it was their right for the pujas performed in the temple. After years, a proposal to abolish Archaka Mirasi system was introduced and Pradhana Archakas fought in courts which reached Supreme Court finally.

Under Section 142, the Supreme Court in 2007 asked the TTD Board to hear out the Archakas, but the board never did that till date. It may be surprising but the Pradhana Archakas even agreed to forego the 'Rusumu' to retain their right to perform the Archaka Kainkaryam. The Pradhana Archakas do not get any salaries, bonus, wages, leaves and medical benefits as TTD employees get. The Pradhana Archakas are being paid a 'Sambhavana' based on their working days and the rituals they offer to the God.

The attack on Ramana Dikshitulu was one of the biggest attacks on Hindu Dharma. Ramana Dikshitulu had concerns on issues as politicians and TTD employees interfered in day to day rituals. Ramana Dikshitulu even revealed that the yearly audit for jewellery was not carried out which created tremors across TTD Board as well as in the state.

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Here are some of the allegations made by Pradhana Archaka:

Constant interference by TTD Management in the rituals.

TTD officials forced Archakas to perform Suprabhata Seva for VIPs during mid-nights which is not the right time to wake up Bhagawan.

Various sevas have been shortened to accommodate VIPS.

Several repair works have been initiated without the consent of the Pradhana Archaka.

The Anna Prasadams are made outside and they totally violate the Sastras.

The Pradhana Archakas had a practice of making an audit of the jewels that includes gold coins and diamonds, rubies. The practice stopped since 1996.

Are the precious jewels still there or went missing?

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