Suicide bomber blasts bakery in Belgrade

March 22, 2016 13:22
Suicide bomber blasts bakery in Belgrade

A man walked into a well-known bakery in the heart of Belgrade, Europe, and ate two cakes. He then asked employees to leave, before detonating a bomb that killed him, but caused no other injuries, as said by Serbian authorities and the bakery owner's wife.

As the man asked the employees and a customer to leave the shop, before he detonated the device, the incident stayed away from entering into terrorist attack genre, according to Serbian Interior Ministry.

The cake shop, where the explosion took place, belongs to the former Minister of Culture, Bratislav Petkovic. It is located on a busy street in the center of Belgrade, few miles away from the Serbian parliament building.

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Responding to the issue, Petkovic's wife, Jelenka Petkovic , said that, the man came into the shop, ate two cakes and then told an employee to leave the building.

"She asked why, and he said that he had an activated bomb with him. She and her colleague, who was also working and was already by the door, ran out of the cafe and heard a loud bang," Jelenka Petkovic said.

However, the building is not seriously damaged, but the man’s identity and motive behind his activity is not known.

By Phani Ch

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