I will resign if you prove it - JC to Raghuveera

October 26, 2015 09:39
I will resign if you prove it - JC to Raghuveera

JC Prabhakar Reddy says, “Congress leader Raghuveera Reddy is more corrupted and I am ready to resign, if he is proved clean.”

JC Prabhakar Reddy recently said that, he is ready to take the bribes for the development of his constituency. These comments have gone viral among the political biggies and as expected, oppositions busted on the TDP leader.

Reacting to the issue, Congress leader Raghuveera Reddy said, “How can an MLA in the  leading party, can speak about the bribes. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu should give an explanation on the issue.”

JC, who is considered as the counter king, immediately busted on Congress leader saying, “Raghuveera is more corrupted than any other political leader. Did not he take any bribe, while he visited Neelakantapuram, along with his family. If Raghuveera proves that he did not take any bribe throughout his life, I am ready to resign to my post.”

Now Raghuveera, who tried to corner JC, had put himself into the threat. It should be seen, whether Raghuveera reacts on the issue or continues to maintain mum, to avoid further difficulties.

JC statements lead to a criminal case!

On the other hand, there are several buzzes about JC comments on bribery. A few say that, how can a public representative speak so openly on the bribery and say that he takes bribes to develop the constituency? Is not he eligible to sit behind the bars, for taking the bribe.

But a few opine that, as the purpose of taking the bribe is for the welfare of the public, it might not be a crime.

A few others say, no political leader is living a clean life, without taking the bribe. So JC should be appreciated for his bravery, to declare about the bribe openly and using it for the welfare of his constituency.

By Phani Ch

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