Bangkok bomb blast: 22 died, 120 injured

August 18, 2015 09:15
Bangkok bomb blast: 22 died, 120 injured

22 people lost their lives in a horrifying bomb blast yesterday in Bangkok and another 120 were severely injured in the attack.
Bangkok, the city witnessed a horrible bomb blast, which was actually targeted at a popular Hindu shrine in central Bangkok. 12 victims left their breath on the spot and others died during the treatment in the nearby hospitals.
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"It was like this huge gust of wind and debris flying through you," recalled Sanjeev Vyas, a DJ from Mumbai, India, who was in the middle of the fray. "... And then I see bodies everywhere, there are cars on fire, there are bikes everywhere. People are screaming."

The bomb was exploded at around 6.30pm, sending a fireball into the sky. The blast area is at a major traffic intersection flanked by upscale hotels and shopping malls. The people over there, who are till then in joy of enjoying the day, suddenly fled away, hearing the sounds.

Bangkok blast: China, Hongkong, Malaysia, Philippines citizens are among the dead

“Among those who are killed, a Philippine and Chinese are also there,” confirms the reports.

National police Chief Somyot Pumpanmuang said, “Chinese tourists who had travelled to Thailand from the Philippines had been killed.
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Chinese Embassy in Bangkok later confirmed the report, telling China's state-run Xinhua that “Three nationals had died in the blast, while another 15 Chinese tourists were injured seriously, Chinese Embassy in Bangkok confirmed in a report to China's state-run Xinhua.
On the other side, Hong Kong's Immigration Department reports spotted three of Hongkong residents, among the injured.
Speaking on the issue, National police Chief Somyot said that, it is too early to say about the people involved in the attack, but assured to find out about them as soon as possible.
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