Chinese pollution troubling US

January 24, 2014 15:09
Chinese pollution troubling US

US National Academy of Sciences published a report that pollution from China travels to the United States across the Pacific ocean resulting in environmental and health problems unexpected side effects of US demand for cheap China-manufactured goods. This study was carried by a group of American and Chinese researchers and they have reported that Los Angeles city is most effected one from Chinese pollution.


Burning of fossil fuels in China is causing sulphate pollution in western United States. Also acid rains are reported because of this burning. Co-author Steve Davis of the research study a scientist at University of California Irvine, said that pollution is haunting US despite outsourcing manufacturing.


According to Worldwatch Institute, a US-based environmental research group, one third of China's greenhouse gases is now from export based industries and production of goods for export  form 17 to 36 percent of various air pollutants. Over the past two decades, China's neighboring countries such as Japan and South Korea have been severely affected with pollution as China sacrificed Environmental regulations for stronger Economic and Industrial growth.


This report also showed that many pollutants, including black carbon, which contributes to climate change and is linked to cancer, emphysema and heart and lung diseases, travelled huge distances on global winds known as “westerlies.”  The report also suggested to share the manufacturing from China and to cut down the pollution international cooperation is a must.


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