T JAC making merry

July 06, 2013 10:40
T JAC making merry

The big question is, 'whose side is T JAC on'? Recently the party's representatives were in Delhi for a dinner party arranged by a Congress member.

On Thursday night, Palvai Govardhan Reddy hosted the party at his bungalow in Delhi. T JAC leader Kodandaram attended the dinner when he was there for a round table meeting for the Telangana cause. Now, it is not clear whether he was sent by TRS or attended by himself.

AICC, on its part, organized cars, accommodation as well as flight luxuries for the attendees as they don't have the budget to host the round table conference. Talk doing the rounds is that TRS had sent K Keshav Rao to Delhi for an update on the proceedings. This points at a chink in the armor of those fighting for a Telangana state.

KCR may have sent a person to check or he may have sent Kondandaram himself. But, the goal of those involved is becoming doubtful. Is Kodandaram supporting TRS, Congress or simply himself?

On the other hand, TDP spokesman Revanth Reddy has criticized him saying the representatives are shamefully enjoying the hospitality. Looks like TDP does not actually support the proceedings.


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