Women safety first

January 15, 2013 11:04
Women safety first

Stalkers, rapists, and several other criminals of different categories in India have taken the safety of women to an appallingly low level. However, there are always bright sides to a story and not all men fall under the sinning category. After the Delhi gang rape incident, the men of the nation have been so shocked that they decided to live their lives more responsibly. This small piece of work is a humble attempt on my part to generate awareness among the women and men of India to help save the weak from being victimized.

Fighting back when you are outnumbered might not be so fruitful, while the worst case scenario might be the unimaginable, death. Wiser decisions in this technology-rich days would be making use of your phones to send a signal to the police directly or to your friends who might inform the persons authorized.

SOS signals can be sent from your mobiles, the smartphones which have been embraced by almost everyone today, with the help of applications developed by the people in India. Sentinel is one such app that would help you send panic signals and alerts to a group of people you already pre-configure along with the location you are at. Bachao sends distress signals with just one button clicked. Recording evidence, audio and video, is also possible.

Sentinel in this case is a much more powerful tool which can send the alerts even when you destroy  the phone. Without a net signal, you can use the inbuilt text functions to send a message automatically too.

With the situation in India deteriorating to the poorest levels, it is a shame that we have to adopt such measures for merely being safe. However, putting yourself on the radar at the ungodly hours would be a great way to keep yourself confident when there is no one by your side in the dark alleys and roads.

(AW- Anil)


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