Can India be happy this New Year 2013!

December 31, 2012 08:34
Can India be happy this New Year 2013!

Can Mother India or her children rejoice this New Year 2013? Close on the heels of burying our beloved brave soul, the Delhi rape victim, can we Indians be happy this New Year? May be not. How are we responsible question many...true though not directly....indirectly all of us need a retrospection in this regards. Amanat aka Damini aka Nirbhaya..whatever be the name but her soul must really rest in peace. The brave daughter must really rest in peace. Though God had naturally guarded the nation with three sides Ocean and on one side Himalayas, it is within this culture rich nation that a sister of ours was brutally assault which subsequently lead to her death.

Feeling remorse is not the only reaction that we need to respond on the occasion...but we need to take immediate corrective measures to prevent another sister facing even a lesser torturing fate under the influence of male chauvinism or beastly attitude. Then our tears for the martyr, victim of rape in moving bus at Delhi, would be worth its salt. Making India more stronger by making our mothers... sisters..wife and daughters self defiant is the need of the hour.

Stronger legislation, stronger laws...on the whole all this is on paper but the real development must be the way we think of a woman. Respecting them at all levels, whether she is a colleague, co- commuter, next house girl or our own relations. We need to give them their space to live. As one of our Wishesh writer suggested apart from inducting a stronger syllabus in schools, we need to do away with vices that take control of our senses and make us forget that we are social animals.

True we need to amend our laws in prohibition and drug addiction. There should be no place for these two things in this civilized society. And make education compulsory..let it cost us the heaven. Let us increase the taxes and try to reduce corruption things will automatically be set in place even if not immediately over a period of time. When we implement a social ban on such addictions there is sure to be many political resistances and the people living on this are sure to face the brunt like the IMFL employees, Beedi workers or many more. Government must provide them other life skills and also provide them a soft loan from the taxpayers monies and save them.

At the moment we could only pray for our brave beloved sister's soul to rest in peace and vow that we will take utmost caution in seeing that another sister would not face similar or even a lesser trauma faced by her...ever in the future. (Wishesh AarKay)

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