A view into YSRCP's Manifesto

April 15, 2014 18:54
A view into YSRCP's Manifesto

Did YS Rajasekhar Reddy developed Andhra Pradesh like no other CM did in just five years ? Well we don't know the answer but one person got developed massively in the span of 60 months and he is none other than YSR's son Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Launching YSRCP, brought Jagan much limelight and later gained people's attention with Odarpu Yatra. Won the by-elections effortlessly, facing the general elections for the first time, YSRCP is merely struggling. The Opinion survey polls predicted that it won't be an easy task for the YSRCP in the coming elections. However one thing can change the public mind before going to vote. It is Manifesto. For every party election manifesto is a key factor and here is look at YSRCP's manifesto.

The foremost thing in YSRCP's manifesto is to provide a corruption free governance. Jagan said that before the government taking any decision related to scheme or a project, it would approached the Court and CAG for their valuable suggestions. And once, they approve the project or schem, government would take it up to the people. If any media and print media is questioning, then government could drag it to court. Well, then High Court, CAG and Enforcement Directorate were shocked by money laundering happened in Jagan's case. How can Jagan provide a corruption free government ? Claiming himself as next chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Jagan could not answer to the Supreme Court when asked how did he earn so much money in just five years. Moreover, taking High court or CAG opinion would make governance more complex as any fault in the project or scheme, the blame would go to them. Filing cases against media if any irregularity in project is indirectly blackmailing the Media. Jagan has minimal media support in AP.



Amma Odi scheme is meant for rural kids. Rupees 500 would be deposited in kid's mother's account directly every month. Fees reimbursement to student and it will be implemented completely rather than paritally. What is the use of Amma Odi and Fees reimbursement when both are similar, why not introduce a common scheme for students. Coming to the ban of liquor, Jagan said, every constituency would have only one wine shop. It was Rajasekhar Reddy's regime where liquor shops number doubled than before. Though it was helpful in increasing the government's revenue, in the interest of public many alternate ways can be searched to get sufficient funds. A special trust for farmer when they are hit by natural calamities with Rupees two thousand crores. But from where such massive amount will be brought even the new Andhra Pradesh will be struggling to give wages for government employees. In addition to this Rs 700 pension to widows and aged citizens, squashing of Rs 20 Thousands crore for Dwarka women, pukka homes to government employees, super specialty hospital in every district would increase the state's budget by many folds.


Health is major concern now and Jagan's manifesto says it would bare all the expenses of treatment for a common man and also would give Rupees three thousands every month to the patient for his absence. How does it sound ?


Coming to the believable promises in the YSRCP's manifesto, establishing agriculture university, constructing an modern capital can be given to done through public private partnership [PPP]. Also radial roads from Srikakulam to Chittor is possible, Metro rail in Visakhapatnam and airport in every district can also be implemented.


Lastly Jagan's aim is  to see his photo along with his dad YSR's in every family in AP.


(AW: Vamshi)

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