Raksha Bandhan bonding in tinsel world

August 02, 2012 12:23
Raksha Bandhan bonding in tinsel world

Bonding in the tinsel world is not as it appears on the screen. After all they are humans like you and me too, mostly forgotten by many. On screen they are different and off screen are exactly opposite to their filmy castings. There are occasions when many have remained as good friends and relied on each other for moral help. On this day of Raksha Bandhan a sweat rush into the evergreen memories that marked the niche of the bonding in the tinsel world are being softly tread, for reader enrichment.


Raksha Bandhan celebrated on this day is affirming the bonding of siblings. On this full moon day in the Hindu Shravan month, the sister ties a colorful thread around the wrist of her brother for his protection with love and affection all through their existence. She sweetens his mouth as a part of the celebrations. While the brother gifts her with an assurance that he would honor her requests. All said and done  Raksha Bhandhan once a festival of the Northern parts of the country has crossed barriers and traveled across the lengths and the breadths of the south. Raksha Bandhan is not restricted to any faith or religion and it is universal call for solidarity. There are some classy examples in the history of the tinsel world across the nation. Here we are not discussing about the tinsel siblings, but the vibe between stars.


In Tollywood the bonding between Megastar Chiranjeevi and Late actor Soundarya are a classic example. The two have shared reel life as pairs, but in real life they gelled well as siblings say industry sources. After the late star's wedding in Bengaluru, Megastar  invited Soundarya and her Husband to his house and hosted a lunch for them. But the highlight was the Megastar presented Soundarya with 'Thambhoolam'(which consists a saree, flowers, bangles, turmeric powder and Kumkum with fruits and beetle leaves) which signifies the gift to the girl of the house. An extra-ordinary example  that speaks volumes of the profound relationship that existed between them.


Tinsel world has a mystique glamor around it, that enthrall all of us. With many rumors, gossips, coming up in our daily routine, about our adorable stars. Such truths are forgotten and kept under the wraps as there is no controversy involved. But the whole fact of love and affection is always interesting and soothing. There could be many siblings stories that do inspire us more but this trans states bonding is much to encourage and emphasize that 'all Indians are my brothers and sisters'. Jai Hind. (With inputs from internet-AW AarKay)

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