Peoria Unified School District Adult Training Center team visits,

March 02, 2012 22:00
Peoria Unified School District Adult Training Center team visits,

The Adult Training Center is a Peoria High School satellite program helping special needs students prepare for employment and a successful transition into adult life made a visit to get an insight into how web portals,, and others are operated.


The team lead by teacher Mrs.Amy Basich visited the data center and a presentation was given by Camp Navigator director Jeffrey Nadeau on why came into existence, who are the users, the features of the portal as well as its servers & how hosting is done.

The team consisted of Sammy Madill, Stephanie Gaytan, Abraham Lee, Joe Ross, Leber, Jacob,  Logan and Shruthi took presentation from the business development director Lloyd Johnson, who explained on how the whole process of portals work, provided them with insight into servers along with presentation on and how helps parents and families to find care providers online. made a presentation on how online news portals work and showed the Gallery module especially consisting of recent Oscar awards. The presentation is organized by CFO Santosh Panikulam.

Making the transition from school to life is a very complicated one. It is even more difficult for a student with special needs. There are so many things to consider. What type of job will I be able to get? Where will I live? How do I begin to access the community services that I will need?

Peoria Unified school addresses the above issues helping special needs kids to transition into adulthood successfully. The program  is focused in giving certain foundation skills needed for any job:

•             Reliability: attendance, punctuality, time on task, working with minimum supervision and being trustworthy.

•             Productivity: maintaining one's work station, accuracy/efficiency, and maintaining production levels.

•             Social coping: maintaining self-control, proper dress and hygiene, accepting supervision, resolving conflicts, and working cooperatively with others.

•             Organizational coping: learning new skills, adapting to or implementing change, solving problems, and communicating appropriately.

•             Safety: following safety policies and procedures, minimizing risk, protecting physical well-being, and preventing injuries.

•             At the Adult Training Center, skills are developed using both simulated and actual work activities. In addition, the students operate their own business called The World of Engraving, where they learn to operate an engraving machine to produce desk, door, and other engraved signs


The visit organized by Amy Basich by contacting VENSOFT's President Mrs. Lalitha Byra to make the linkage between industry and training center. This visit is aimed to give insight into how a web based application development and media companies work and prospective job opportunities and day to day work life in these companies. Mrs. Basich , Ms. Madill,  Ms. Gayton, Mr. Lee, Mr. Ross,Mr. Jacob ,Mr. Logan,Mr.Leber and Ms. Shruthi  thanked all the team members of,,

Peoria Unified School District (PUSD) and all of its schools are internationally accredited and that PUSD is recognized globally as a quality school system. Peoria Unified is the first in the state of Arizona to earn this esteemed AdvancED Accreditation Commission accreditation.

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