Fastest ever aircraft crashes into pacific again

August 12, 2011 19:25
Fastest ever aircraft crashes into pacific again

fastplave{besps}stories/slideshow/fastplane{/besps} Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle-2 (HTV-2), the dream project of the American Defence department, once again ended in failure when its second test flight ending the same way as the first with a crash into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday.

The vehicle was designed to achieve the target of reaching any place on the earth within 60 minutes by making it fly at an estimated speed of 13,000 mph (21,000 km/h). The maiden flight of this unmanned vehicle ended with a plunge into the Pacific Ocean in April 2010. Same results followed the second test flight leaving the US researchers and engineers in utter disappointment.

Engineers said that the fastest ever aircraft lost contact with the ground control teams nine minutes after took off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California aboard an Air Force Minotaur IV rocket.

“The rocket put the aircraft into the desired trajectory but it lost contact just after 9 minutes as it crashed into the Pacific Ocean,” said a statement released on the failure of the mission.

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