Trisha’s Social responsibility aspect!

Jun 20 ,2011 16:52 PM

TrishaActress Trisha has always been in news, for her careless behavior. She was stopped by the police in many instances for drunk and driving and for being irresponsible citizen. But, these days, Trisha is working very hard to change her image.

The actress has started showing her social responsibility aspect by working for a welfare of the street dogs. ‘I am in a position today, because of this society and public. I have decided to do some from my end to this society. In this regard, as a start I have started working for the welfare of Street dogs, as of now. You can see me in many other social welfare activities, extending my helping hands’, said the Actress.

Looks like, Trisha’s acting career also shaping up well, after the actress passing through the rough phase of her career. The Actress is doing a Telugu and Tamil film and has signed for couple of other films in both T " Town and K " Town.

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