Genei caters her relationship with Riteish as ‘Friendship’?

Jan 23 ,2012 16:03 PM
Genei caters her relationship with Riteish as ‘Friendship’?

You believe or not, this is what Geneilia has said catering her relationship with Beau RiteishDeshmukh, whom she is all set to get married on February 3rd, this year… here is the gist of what Genei has spoke about her personal life, ‘I and Riteish share a very special Friendship. We thought if we had to continue our friendship, the only go is to get married to each other. We wanted to settle down in our career’s first and then take our relation further. That is the reason we were mum about our personal lives all these years. Now that we have achieved what we wanted to in our careers, we thought we should complete our relationship with marriage’, said Genei.

‘there is not much time for marriage and I need to complete with all the shopping and pre marriage stuff as soon as possible’, said the actress with all the excitement.

Be it friendship or a relationship, at the end, even in this relationship of Genei and Riteish, what Media predicted have come true at the end. But, happy for the couple though…

However, will Genei continues her acting even after marriage or prefers to be a House wife is still a suspense.

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