Mr Pellikoduku

  • Film : Mr.Pellikoduku
  • Producer : NV Prasad, Paris Jain
  • Director : Devi Prasad
  • Star Cast : Sunil,Isha Chwala,Ali..
  • Music Director : SA Rajkumar

The much awaited movie of Sunil, Mr Pellikoduku has finally hit the theatres across the globe today. A straight adaptation of Bollywood film Tanu Weds Manu, Mr Pellikoduku is all set to give some clean entertainment to Telugu audience. Did the movie live up to the expectations? To know the same, go through our Mr Pellikoduku review.

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The story revolves around Buchi Babu (Sunil) and his bride Anjali (Isha Chawla). Buchi Babu, who runs a small business in the United States of America, returns to India on the request of his parents that he be married. His first meeting will be with Anjali. He will like her so much and everything will be fine until Anjali reveals her love story to Buchi Babu and requests him to reject her. Accordingly, he will reject Anjali. What will happen to this Pellikoduku next will form the remaining part of the story....

Analysis :


The movie is just okay. Cinematography was okay. Music couldn't appeal the audience although dances of Sunil were good. There are some superb dialogues in the movie. Director failed to entertain the audience for sure, which was clearly visible. Not so good direction kills the fun in the original script. The second half of the movie, especially, drags so much that it will really test your patience. Music was not at all soothing. Many people went outside during songs.

Performance :


Sunil's performance was okay. Isha Chawla gave her best. She proved once again that there's a very good actor in her. Remaining all were up to the mark.

Final Word: One time watch.