• Film : Naayak
  • Producer : DVV Danayya
  • Director : VV.Vinayak
  • Star Cast : Ram Chran, Kajal Agarwal, Amala Paul...
  • Music Director : Thaman

Ram Charan's Naayak is a hilarious, action entertainer. Charan breaks the jinx and scores another blockbuster with filmmaker V V Vinayak weaving an excellent plot that fits none other than our Mega Power Star. Naayak hits screens on Wednesday (January 09) amidst fanfare and theatres wore a festive look. A wholesome family entertainer that should appeal the class and mass alike. There is something for everyone!

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The angered don goes to beat Cherry..



Ram Charan is Cherry, a techie who works as a software engineer and his uncle, Jilebi, is Brahmanandam. Jilebi accidentally hurts the local don Gandipeta Babji (Rahul Dev). Cherry gets into the act of saving his uncle by hatching a plan, but in the process falls for Babji's sister Madhu (Kajal Agarwal).

In the meantime the film takes a serious turn with a series of killings in Hyderabad and Kolkata and Minister Rawat (Pradeep Rawat) is also targeted. Cherry is implicated in the row and goes underground. CBI team lead by Ashish Vidhyardhi tries to track the whereabouts of the hero. In the process a flash back love story emerges in Kolkata, between Amala (Amala Paul) and Cherry as Siddharth Naik.

Now what is the flashback story? Who is Siddharth Naik? Who of the two heroines will be united with Cherry? How will he prove his innocence? And more questions that linger in your minds form the rest of the story, worth seeing on the big screen.

Analysis :


Ram Charan was excellent and his voice modulation added to the aesthetics of the film. As Cherry and Siddharth Naik, the young star had displayed prowess that is sure to get thumps up from fans. Kajal Agarwal and Amala Paul were equally gorgeous with better screen space for the former. Brahmanandam is his usual self with a meaty role that should feed his fans with sumptuous hilarious menu. M S Narayana as CBI lipreading specialist tickles the funny bone and takes due credence in the laugh act. Almost all of them fit the bill on the whole. Songs are entertaining and would leave fans tapping their feet. First half is comedy of a decent genre and second half is action packed, with an unexpected turn.

Performance :


Ram Charan is awesome in the company of his 'Magadheera lady love,' Kajal Agarwal. Ram Charan as Siddharth Naik in the second half excels in histrionics and action scenes. Songs 'Laila Oh Laila...' in the first half and the title song in the second half are visual delight with classic and new dance movements which are sure to be setting trends. The hip movements in the songs were meticulously performed. The remake of 'Subha Lekha rasukunna....' exceeded the expectations and bettered it's previous version. Chiru must have been really pleased with his son's performance in the song and should have envied the picturesque locations.

The story reminds of various films but all the bits have been knitted well by the versatile director V V Vinayak. Chota K Naidu behind the camera shows what could be the best visual treat. Comedy fare offered by Brahmanandam and M S Narayana is hilarious and unique. Climax could have been better, on the whole a commendable effort by the entire team.

Final Word: Naayak, an outright entertainer.

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