Prema Katha Chitram Movie Review

  • Film : Preama Katha Chitram
  • Producer : Maruthi and Sudarshan Reddy
  • Director : J.Prabhakara Reddy
  • Star Cast : Sudheer Babu, Nanditha, Hansika Motwani..
  • Music Director : JB

The movie Prema Katha Chitram is a mixture of entertainment, action and thrilling. It is the second film for the hero of the film Sudheer Babu after SMS and debut for the heroine Nandita. Maruti who directed Ee Rojullo and Bus stand produced the film in association with Sudarshana Reddy.  The rating is given as fullfullfullfullfull3 in this Prema Katha Chitram Movie Review as it is thoroughly entertaining and thrilling.

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  fullfullfullfullfull3.25 Sudheer Nanditha..

On their way to this guest house...



The lead pair gets involved in an incident that follows a chase from the police and also MLA’s goons. As the story goes on it reminds us the movies of Suicide, Ghosts and Love Failure but the treatment given in the movie is stylish. The story is full of twists that make it interesting with a bang before interval. You can expect ghosts also playing important role in the story. It is better the twists in the story and suspense is seen on the screen to keep the tempo and the get impact the director wants to give the audience instead knowing it before.

Analysis :


The move is fairly good. Fighting and chasing scenes are pictured in a stylish way. The story is told with a tempo and good twists. Flash back in the second half tells the theme story to connect it properly. The remix song of Super Star Krishna- Vennelaina Cheekataina is shown in a nice way. To entertain the viewers double meaning dialogues are liberally used and a staged mythological scene from Mahabharat is shown to add humor.

Performance :


The performance of the actors in lead roles and supporting roles are good. Nandita did justice to her role. Screenplay is good. Suicide problem dealt with in the first scene is nice.

Final Word: One can see and enjoy the movie "Prema Katha Chitram". It is not dull anywhere. It is better than all high budget films released this summer. The movie promises Sudheer Babu and Nanditha a good future.

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