Tara's story inspires Tollywood!! Oka Tara in limelight

April 23, 2012 11:48
Tara's story inspires Tollywood!! Oka Tara in limelight

Tara Chowdhary the name which has turned viral on the live state scenes has had its own twists and turns that could inspire any film maker who wishes to make a pot boiler. The incarcerated star in a sex racket looked like just another case in the beginning but later the woman was used as a missile by a few politicians of a particular sect for vindictive attacks gave an interesting twist to the tale. Then later her exposures of conversations and deals further intrigued the tale as a 100 percent drama with all forms of emotions imbibed in the weaving.

Off the record, any film maker would dream of making such a film which is sure to be a success at the box office. And as usual the grapevine says that veteran film maker Jayakrishna plans to make a comeback with this bio-pic. However the producer denies any such intentions with his new flick `Oka Tara.’ He went on to say that the title was a mere coincidence, but sources say that the story revolves around the female lead.  The film maker also said that the lead lady and the Director for his new film are on the way for finalizing.

Based on a complaint from a Vizag aspirant who escaped from her clutches, Police raided Tara’s residence in Banjara Hills and arrested her. They have also seized a video camera and a laptop being allegedly used by the actress for recording incriminating visuals of individuals to blackmail them. Not only VIPs, Police and Politicians, some heroines are also worried about getting exposed through this case. Assets worth Rs 8 Cr found with the actress. 100 CDs and spy cams found in the house. Prominent politicians, Police officers are on the list. Police tight lipped over the issue. Many film personalities are also involved say sources. Radar is fine tuned on findings, investigation to ascertain the truth.  Critics feel police are at cross-roads.

Well a deeper look on the woman who has brought many politicians from various parties on the heels, is worth understanding how casting couch has played a crucial role in the tinsel world. In fact in one of her confessions she had also revealed that a leading Actor couple, who were also producers, gave sermons to her that it was quite common in the glamour land. An interesting feature that the Tara’s episode reveals is the caste clashes in the state, which emerged after the construction of a regional party, two decades ago. The ugly hoods of the vindictive caste clashes seem to siege the state from underneath. The Political bosses of the state are doing nothing much to dispel this menace.

The actress might face many issues in the hands of law due to her high handed sex racket and forcing young entrants in to the flesh trade. But one thing that she has exposed needs to be addressed by the political wizards at the earliest. Or else the opinion of the public is certain to divide on caste lines too. This will be like the pre-independence era, when the white rule the dark. The situation will become similar when one of the segments hinge on to the throne. The other will feel uncomfortable. (With inputs from internet- AarKay)

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