BJP leader comes down heavily on KCR

Apr 30 ,2012 09:27 AM
BJP leader comes down heavily on KCR

Congress party not in an idea to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh? Yes, says the BJP leader Bandaru Dattatreya. He has alleged that the Congress issuing orders for continuing ESL Narasimhan for the second term as the Governor of Andhra Pradesh proves that Congress doesn’t want to carve out Telangana State. He has also alleged that ESL Narasimhan was against the formation of Telangana state.  He has took on the TRS chief KCR stating that it was weird on the part of KCR for not commenting Sonia Gandhi and instead lashing out at BJP. He has also demanded an answer from KCR as to why he had not been criticizing Sonia Gandhi.

Bandaru Dattatreya has also said cited at KCR’s statement calling upon the public for another 11 years for the cause. He questioned whether his intention was to stop people for another eleven years.

The BJP senior leader has questioned as to what TRS has done for the sake of Telangana. Insulting BJP would be like insulting the students, communities and employees who have been associated with the party.

In the wake of these fresh statements, it’s once again proved that political leaders are leaving behind the causes and indulging in vote bank politics. We have to wait and see how TRS party is going to come down on these statements. (Phani)

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