Onamalu movie review

Onamalu review Review
  • Film : Onamalu
  • Producer : K Durgadevi
  • Director : Kranti Madhav
  • Star Cast : Rajendra Prasad, Kalyani, Chalapati Rao, Siva Parvati, Raghubabu.
  • Music Director : Koti

Natakiriti Rajendra Prasad returns to the silver screen, after hiatus, with Onamalu. Touted to be a family hero, the veteran maintains the tempo in Onamalu. Kalyani joins him in this sentimental film with a feel good message. Mind you this is not a film for the aged only, it is rightly for the youth in particular.

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Onamalu is about the various feelings of a retired school teacher Narayana Rao (Natakiriti Rajendra Prasad). His son is settled in America. After being a good Samaritan as a school teacher, he leaves to the US on a compulsion of his dying wife Rukmini (Kalyani). There he finds himself in a peculiar situation and realizes that time for bonding is diminishing. Unable to bear the loneliness, he returns to India without even informing his son. The son is also very busy, to notice his father missing. But getting back home is not equally easy for the poor teacher, who finds the situation quite changing at home too. The way he copes up with the present society and how he fights for fortifying the diminishing respect for human values, forms the core of Onamalu. For the people who loved 'Aa Naluguru' and 'Mee Sreyobhilashi', 'Onamalu' is a must watch.

Analysis :

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The depreciating values of family bindings take centre-stage of the plot in Onamalu, directed by Kranthi Madhav. Onamalu touches sentiment nodes of the NRI community, who stretch far away from their roots. The story and the sequences will find most film goers, feel related to Onamalu. The narration and the screenplay of Onamalu takes a conspicuous dig at the present scenario in the society. Onamalu delivers a subtle message at every point and the under quote is to 'value human relations.' Some scenes are sure to leave an indelible mark on the viewer. Especially the scenes when an old acquaintance of Narayana Rao is admitted into an old age home by her own son, who feels that she does not fit his present social change. Narayana Rao wonders at people communicating by mobiles even when they are very near to each other is well narrated.

The film also deals on many rural issues that are predominant today. Like people opting mineral water in the river rich state and why farmers cannot be given uninterrupted power supply. Then the scene when a farmer gets electrocuted when he goes out for switching on the motor in the late night, is sure to create an impact, on the authorities. This is not a film in SMS format, but it is in the letter format filled with sequences and messages for all sections of the society.

Performance :

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Rajender Prasad excels in this power packed drama and steals the show every frame. Debut director Kranthi Madhav has done a stupendous effort and shows his maturity in handling scenes related to human relations. Onamalu is an out right Rajender Prasad film and critics feel that this time the actor is sure to get a national award. Kalyani does a very good job and they make a fine pair. Koti's music gives the thrust for the film. Raghu Babu comedy is good and the performances of senior artists Chalapati Rao, Giri Babu and Siva Parvati are credible. Ofcourse if one feels that this is an art film, then they are wrong. The film highlights the day-to-day happenings that anyone could get related too. In addition there is wonderful screenplay that etches in to give all other commercial elements.

Onamalu is a not a regular commercial film and equally not an art film either. The mixture is rightly blended to keep one awestruck. A not-to-miss film for families or persons living abroad. Well received across the NRI community, Onamalu is a extra-ordinary attempt that needs to be well commended.


In a nutshell: Onamalu is a mirror to present society and is worth the ticket money. Rajendra Prasad steals the show with sentiment and solution. Debut Director excels in narration. Onamalu is purely a family entertainer.

Final Word: For the youth Onamalu is their tomorrow while for the aged the film is their past and present. Sentimental with real situations, sensitize Onamalu, a not-to-miss film.