Prathi Roju

Prathi Roju is action thriller based movie in which, Ravi Babu playing an role of police officer and Bindu Movie Review : Prathiroju 2010  Starring : Bindu Madhavi, Ravi Babu  Director : Ravi BabuMadhavi playing the charcter of Bhanu.

Movie Review : Prathiroju 

Starring : Bindu Madhavi, Ravi Babu

Director : Ravi Babu

Prathi Roju looks like a cross between a bad movie and no movie. With nothing but a germ of an idea - which has been copied, in the first place - to hold it together, the film is such a vacant piece of work it's a wonder someone decided to release it at all.

The makers deal with the subject of terrorism - the film is the 68,746th C-movie milking of the bomb blasts and Gokul Chat and Lumbini Park - and, unfortunately, include the audience in the deal. The story opens with a bunch of street-smart youngsters (Bindu Madhavi, etc.) making crude bombs and plotting to leave them all over town.

However, there's no need to panic: they're not going to be that successful in terrorizing people, since this movie wasn't released in many theatres, and very few are going to be watching their acting skills. When a couple of shoot-outs and minor explosions send the city into a tizzy, a police officer (Ravi Babu) is deployed to investigate the case. His prying leads to arrests for our protagonists, and the end of the first half of the flick for the audiences.

There's an interval that helps you recap what happened so far so you can follow the rest of the movie better, but we wouldn't recommend that unless you're trying to make yourself mentally ill. Prathi Roju is an astonishingly amateur flick. Now we don't have anything against amateur flicks, but when a film is so stupid that it starts making you end every sentence of yours with a "Why?", people do get provoked into using language that is not amateur - and definitely not legal.

As for Prathi Roju, it feels like the rough sketch of a school play. The story is silly, there are loopholes galore, the dialogues are like a conversation between your 2-year-old nephew and your neighbour's pet dog, and the music sounds like a conversation between your neighbour's pet dog and your 2-year-old nephew. And the performances are so bad they make it look like the actors screwed the film and not all of the above.

Basically, everything about this movie makes everything else look good. However, Ravi Babu and Harshavardhan are the saving grace of the flick. Bindu Madhavi is surpassed by miles by her newcomer colleagues, and M S Narayana is in a sad comedy track at the end of which he's made to weep. Overall, this film cannot be watched without professional supervision, so stay away till you find some.

At the outset, the director Raju Rajendra Prasad's effort is impressive for not being tagged along the mundane subjects with six songs, few stunts, boy after a girl or vice-versa. But, he probably settled on the subject matter of the current film Prathi Roju and thus, lost track of the screenplay.