YSRCP has no agenda: Kishan Reddy

Apr 30 ,2012 13:50 PM
YSRCP has no agenda: Kishan Reddy

The BJP state president Kishan Reddy has said that YSR Congress party was not having any agenda and its just aiming at power.  He made these statements at an internal meet in West Godavari district. Kishan Reddy has also said that the governance in the state was inefficient. The chief minister and his cabinet are depending on the high command even on small matters and are insulting the people of the state, he added.

Further, Kishan Reddy said there was no proper coordination between the chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and the other ministers. While taking on the Congress party, Kishan Reddy didn’t leave behind the TDP. He has said that the future of Telugu Desam Party was uncertain. The Congress party future would be decided with by-polls, he added.

Kishan Reddy has also predicted that the chances of by-elections are likely to come much before 2014. He has reiterated that they would declare Telangana state the moment they come to power. BJP is surely going to come to power at the state and is going to play an active role at the centre, he said.  (Phani)

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