Goa CM inaugurates aquarium in Hyd

Apr 25 ,2012 18:27 PM
Goa CM inaugurates aquarium in Hyd

The Goa chief minister, Manohar Parikar has inaugurated Go Goa aquarium at Peddamberpet area of Hyderabad on Wednesday. Go Goa is going to be one of the major attractions in the city. A person named Pradeep Sethu has started this aquarium wherein all kinds of fish that are found in Goa can be seen at this aquarium.

Addressing the media, Pradeep has said that he had set up aquariums in Goa too and received good response there. With an aim to show people different species of fish he started this aquarium, he added.

He has exuded confidence that Go Goa would not only attract tourists who are in the city but would also drag school children. He has said that he would set up more aquariums in the country in case he receives reinforcements from the public and the government. Meanwhile, Goa chief minister has enquired about different kinds of fish in the aquarium.

One should seriously take time to watch fish. That would be one of the best stress beaters. Hyderabadis now have an opportunity to beat the shell of stress in a unique way. (Phani)

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