Sonia asks Danam, Shabbir not to rake up UT issue

Mar 26 ,2012 16:43 PM
Sonia asks Danam, Shabbir not to rake up UT issue

Minister Danam Nagender and former Minister Shabbir Ali said today that Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi has asked them not to rake up new issues such as turning of Hyderabad city into a Union Territory.

Speaking to media persons after a meeting with Sonia in Delhi, they said they have mooted the idea of turning Hyderabad into a Union Territory but she asked them not talk of such things.

“Observing that our cup of problems is already full, she directed us not to bring up new issues and problems,” they said, adding they didn’t specifically discuss the T issue with her. “Whatever is the decision of the party leadership on the issue, we will abide by it,” Nagender said.

Both of them said it is not good for the congress leaders to find fault with CM Kirankumar Reddy for the party’s debacle in the by poll. “We will review the results and take appropriate remedial measures to bring victory to the congress in the next round of by polls,” Nagender said.

“We didn’t discuss the leadership issue in the state with Sonia as it was not the topic of discussion,” they said in response to a question. (J)

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