Massive Public Meet At Hyderabad For Samaikyandhra!

Sep 30 ,2013 18:29 PM
Massive Public Meet At Hyderabad For Samaikyandhra!

YSRCP President YS Jagan today announced that a large scale public meeting will be arranged soon at Hyderabad in favor of Samaikyandhra.

Jagan certainly will have an edge over other parties in Seemandhra if he succeeds in this endeavor.  As Telangana supporters have warned against talking at Hyderabad against bifurcation of the State, an attempt to do so certainly gets goodwill to Jagan and a thumping support from Seemandhra people as they are ready to vote for the leader who is going to fight for keeping the State united.

It is a clever political move at this time.  It is like getting marks for solving sums in Mathematics.  If the sum is solved one gets marks. And if not, still marks will be awarded as per the successful steps made towards its solution.  If he gets success in convening the meeting it will be to his credit and if not his attempt will not go waste.

Jagan is leaving to Idupula Paya today on special relaxation got from CBI Court to visit on 1st and 2nd of October. 


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