Doctor: Yuvraj is not agonizing from lung cancer

Feb 07 ,2012 00:30 AM
Doctor: Yuvraj is not agonizing from lung cancer

On Monday February 6 speaking to the media All-rounder Cricketer Yuvraj Singh's doctor Nitish Rohatgi said that Yuvi's diseased lung tumour which is healable and he can get back to the training in about ten weeks.

As Yuvraj who is agonizing from a exceptional type of germ cell lump.Infact he is not suffering from lung cancer,where as he is having a diseased lump in middle of the two lungs.

Nitish Rohatgi said  “Yuvraj’s physical condition is not the same as it was this time last year but he is doing much better than other patients who suffer from the same condition. He is spending his time playing video games and going for brisk walks. He also takes the occasional jog as well. He is mentally tough and has come to terms with his condition,”

In the last month Yuvraj Singh left for the US and he is continuing treated at the Cancer Research Centre in Boston.

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