Srimannarayana Review
  • Film : Srimannarayana
  • Producer : Ramesh Puppala
  • Director : Ravi Kumar Chavali
  • Star Cast : Bala Krishna,Isha Chawla,Parvathi melton...
  • Music Director : Chakri

The wait is over and finally August 30 is here. Fans of Balakrishna are supposedly busy searching for Srimannarayana movie review. To all the fans and admirers of Balakrishna, there's something that can bring smiles on their faces. Srimannarayana shows Balakrishna as a powerful journalist who fights the odds in the society. How he deals with antagonists forms the main theme of the movie. The movie has opened to good response from the public. It's a must watch film if you enjoy visualize Balakrishna as in a dynamic role, who can fight n number of people without any weapons. Go through our quick review before you watch Srimannarayana.

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Srimannarayana review


Srimannarayana (Balakrishna) is a powerful journalist, who fights all odds in the society with his gutts. He initially saves a lady journo (Parvathy Melton) who later falls in love. Isha Chawla plays his cousin and fiancee while Vijay Kumar plays father of Balakrishna. TKalki (Vijay Kumar) is the father of Srimannarayana who will raise funds to develop his village. And once the amount reaches 5000 crore rupees. Suresh and party (antagonists) steal that amount and frames false cases against Srimannarayana, who will be put behind the bars. How Srimannarayana comes out of jail and how he takes revenge besides fulfilling his father's dreams forms the remaining part of the movie.

Analysis :

Srimannaryana review

The direction and screenplay of Ravi Chavali are the main assets of the film. Another highlight of the film is dialogue. Written by Ravi Chavali, every punch dialogue uttered by Balakrishna literally wooed the audience who whistled and clapped throughout the film. Music, composed by Chakri, was okay. Cinematography was good too. It looks like producer Ramesh Puppala made a good choice by selecting Ravi Chavali and Balakrishna.  Costumes could have been better. Choreography too was okay.  The choreography was okay. Screenplay could have been better. The punch dialogues of Balakrishna were good. Some dialogues such as “Baadadaniki bio-data enduku ra...” and “Sri Krishnudu bhagavadgeetha Arjunudu okkadike gaa cheppaadu. Mari prapanchamanthaa elaa leak ayindi? Appudu koodaa piracy undaa?” received good response. But, on the whole, cinema was okay.

Performance :

Srimannaryana review

Balakrishna is the life and soul of the movie and his performance was up to the mark given that it was a routine movie and to fit into the shoes of Srimannarayana was not a hard nut to crack for a versatile actor like him.  Heroines Isha Chawla and Parvathy Melton did justice to the roles although there were used only for add extra colour to the plot. Had Parvathy Melton given some scope of acting, it would have been better since she too played a journalist. The comedy part of the movie was okay although there was no novelty in Krishna Bhagavan and Brahmanandam's acting.  Other antagonists such as Jaya Prakash and Suresh did justice to their roles. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam did his best to makes people laugh out their lungs.

Final Word: Srimannarayana is a routine revenge story, which missed bull's eye


(AW- Phani)