• Film : Sukumarudu
  • Producer : K. Venugopal
  • Director : G. Ashok
  • Star Cast : Aadi,Nisha Agarwal,Krishna,Sharada..
  • Music Director : Anoop Rubens

Sukumarudu with Adi son of Sai Kumar who earned a name of “dialogue king” in Telugu hit the screens today. Nisha Agarwal, sister of Kajal played opposite romantic part to Adi. The movie “Sukumarudu” was directed by G.Ashok and produced by K.Venugopal. Super star Krishna , Rao Ramesh and Sarada also played important roles in the movie.

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Adi who played the title is an NRI and a shrewd and highly selfish and doesn’t care his village folk at all. Similarities with Greeku Veerudu released last week made it lose interest. But a property worth 150 crores of Rupees in the village which can be inherited by him attracted him and made him take sudden interest in the long forgotten relatives back home. As it has to be dealt with personally, he had to travel to the village and put an act to sentimentally pull his grandmother Sarada towards him. There is also a love track with Nisha Agrawal as a must in a movie make it interesting. How far Sukumarudu succeeds in his attempts to lay his hands on the property is the story that has to be seen on the screen for better enjoyment as it is a visual presentation.

Analysis :


Sukumarudu means sensitive failed in sensibility in making. Director of the film wanted to mix so many sentiments in the movie to allure audience but in the process seems got mixed up. Director left many missing links in the movie. Movie is very lengthy but story line is weak. Humor in the movie fails to make you laugh heart fully. Love development between the hero and heroine and songs are not properly infused in to the story. Anoop Rubens’ music is ok. But direction and cinematography are poor in quality.

Performance :


Veteran actress Sarada delivered goods by acting impressively. Krishna although appeared for a short span of time did his best. Ramesh Rao also tried his best. But Adi who is playing the title role did not make appealing expressions in the sentimental and emotional scenes although he was ok in shaking a leg. Nisha’s performance is alright for the role given to her.

Final Word: To tell you in nutshell, you don’t miss any if you don’t see it.

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