Steel Tycoon’s son kidnapped in Bhilai

Dec 16 ,2011 17:09 PM
Steel Tycoon’s son kidnapped in Bhilai

The Bhilai based steel tycoon Shailesh Shah who owns Simplex, complained to the police on Thursday that his son was kidnappedby unidentified persons at Nehru Nagar in Bhilai Nagar, in the morning. The kidnap took place as Aditya Shah (16) was going to catch his school bus, when unidentified people came in a speeding car and kidnapped him.

According to police, two persons got out of the car and forced the class XI student of the Delhi Public School into the vehicle before driving away.  The Shahs have not received any ransom call yet. Police have announced a reward of Rs 30,000 for any information about the kidnappers. Further investigations are on.

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