Hero Gopichand's marriage cancelled!

Feb 16 ,2012 00:10 AM
Hero Gopichand's marriage cancelled!

A news which is known to every one regarding Gopichand’s marriage going to be held on February 24.But now the most recent news is that Hero Gopichand’s marriage with Haritha has been cancelled.More over the invitation cards has already been distributed.Haritha is a Hyderabad based businessman’s daughter as the match was choosed by Gopichand’s parents.Haritha who is an MBA graduate from Australian University.

Well as per the sources, When Haritha was in Australia she was in love with some one else and whereas Haritha’s parents were against for the marriage with that boy.In recent times Haritha’s lover contacted hero Gopichand and he told everything about their love story along with the photos.So subsequently knowing about the fact hero Gopichand has concluded to cancel the marriage and he gave back all the expenses to Haritha's parents so far what they spent on him for the marriage.Any ways on screen Gopichand became Mogudu but in real life he missed the chance.

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