Shriya’s nude act?

Sep 14 ,2011 17:22 PM

ShreyaIt is not a new thing that we are hearing. All these heroines, who managed to get offers once and now are jobless, are ready to do any act, in order to sustain in this industry. Recently, Reema Sen has appeared in a role of a prostitute in one of the Malayalam film. Even Vidya Balan has changed her regular self and is doing a bold flick titled ‘Dirty Picture’. And now, it is South Indian Actress, Shriya is ready to go nude in a Bengali film, in which she is appearing in a role of a prostitute. It seems, Shriya, who was initially hesitant to accept the role and the act, has agreed to do the same after understanding the ‘importance’ of the sequence in the film. the shooting of the film will be starting soon.

It is not that Shriya has always done some homely roles. She was no doubt a heroine who was always up for doing glamour roles. But, there were never vulgar like this ‘nude’ act. But, since the actress has entered her 30s and is not being able to fit opposite today’s heroes in the South Indian films, in order to prove her worth and being associated with the films, has agreed to do this role.

Well, let’s see aage jaake what more does Shriya will be doing in order to get more and more work!

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