Indian IT exports are at $69.7Billions

Apr 07 ,2012 17:28 PM
Indian IT exports are at $69.7Billions

Satyanarayana, secretary, department of electronics and IT has said that IT exports from our country touched over $69.7 billion during financial year 2011-12 in a press meet held in Hyderabad yesterday. When asked whether IT exports would be effected over US elections, he preferred to stay silent.  He said that the IT Investment Regions (ITIRs) scheme was in a progressive state . "We need to take it further. It has to go to a high level committee." He said that time frame cannot be fixed for giving final shape to ITIRS. Further, he stated that so far only AP, Karnataka and Orissa came forward to create ITIRS. ITIRs will be larger than IT SEZs.

The minimum processing area would be 40 percent of the total area of the ITIR and the remaining will be for roads, buildings and other utilities. The scheme is expected to create new investment regions for IT, IT enabled services and electronic hardware manufacturing sector away from big cities.  All in all, according to Satyanarayana, ITIRS might take some time to come into reality. Looks like he’s looking forward to other states too to come forward in setting up ITIRS.

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