PM asks bureaucrats to be decisive

Apr 21 ,2012 15:13 PM
PM asks bureaucrats to be decisive

The prime minister Manmohan Singh has said that the government would not hunt and harass the civil servants in the guise of corruption. He asked the IAS officers to work boldly and freely.

Manmohan Singh has today inaugurated the Civil Services Day (which is celebrated on April 21 every year) in Delhi. The prime minister has stressed on the duty and importance of bureaucrats. He asked them to not be indecisive only to be on the safe land. He has also pointed out the country cannot have 100 per cent risk averse bureaucracy.  He has also said that the boldness in decision making should be encouraged and such decisions should, however, be as per the law of the land.

"It is our government's commitment to put in place a system and create an environment in which our civil servants are encouraged to be decisive, and no one is harassed for bona fide mistakes of errors of judgment,"  said Manmohan Singh.

The prime minister has also asked IAS officers not to come under anyone’s pressure and work freely irrespective of fear or favour. He said the government has been taking many steps for fighting corruption. (Phani)

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