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Ice cream prices likely to soar

Apr 05 ,2012 18:18 PM
Ice cream prices likely to soar

Come summer, everyone wishes to dig their teeth into ice cream to beat the heat. While there are many people who enjoy ice cream irrespective of seasons, it becomes a conventional necessity to everyone in summer. Now, what would be the reaction if ice cream prices touch sky? Undoubtedly disgusting, point out many youths in Hyderabad. Yes friends, after petrol and essential commodities, the Centre’s attention now turned towards ice cream. According to sources, ice cream prices are going to be increased soon and eating ice cream would likely to be a costly affair although it doesn’t affect people with deep pockets.

International financial experts, on the other hand, cry foul on shortage of vanilla pods, which have fallen short in Madagascar, Mexico and even in India. This was even published in a famous international business magazine, The Grocer. Although this has nothing to do with prices of other flavours such as butter scotch, strawberry and chocolate, local markets will take this as an advantage and increase the prices of al flavours making ice-cream a distant dream to working class.

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