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Wipro eyes greener pastures, IT Infra services

Apr 18 ,2012 12:39 PM
Wipro eyes greener pastures, IT Infra services

Catch the soaps-to-IT giant Wipro unawares, well when others are brooding over the recession and US policies, our Desi Giant has eyed on greener pastures.

The desi companies seem to know the nuances of the trade so well and most of the times their prophesy turn true and their bold diversions reap richer dividends. A recent report by ET suggests that Wipro the prestige of India is chasing a number of Technology deals and mostly they are in IT infrastructure services. This was one grey area which was unaffected much by recession or any other global financial pitfalls. As per an exclusive interview to ET, Wipro seems to be more deals from the US and fewer from UK too. As the IT contracts in the apps and development domains getting lower this is an idealistic approach of a fast growing company say analysts.

Over the years, the size of IT contracts has been whittling down, and IT infrastructure is one of the few areas where service providers can still look forward to large deals. Unlike application development, where revenues are dependent on the applications that are being developed, maintaining of IT infrastructure is an essential expenditure, and to that extent, it's recession-proof. And mind you Wipro is not alone, it has tough competition from other desi companies too like Tata Consulting Services and HCL Technologies. In fact the later two are cruising ahead in top gear say analysts.  (With inputs from internet: AarKay)

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