Essential Tips For Solo Travel This Monsoon

August 26, 2017 17:36
Essential Tips For Solo Travel This Monsoon

Essential Tips For Solo Travel This Monsoon:- Traveling with the squad is a great fun undoubtedly. But, sometimes the best companion you can have is yourself. Now-a-days, more and more women have started undertaking solo trips. Traveling solo can be a rewarding experience for you if you are a person who does not like following fixed itineraries, hate clicking selfies, love to sample local cuisines and enjoy backpacking.

If the right precautions are not taken, then the monsoon can play a spoilsport. Read these tips before you pack your bags and get set for a vacation with yourself.

Tips For Solo Travel

1) Go Waterproof


Before you set off for your trip, ensure that you carry a waterproof backpack, a good raincoat and umbrella if you have made up your mind to experience greenery in its full bloom and enjoy the rains to its fullest. You surely do not want to miss out on the fun element just because you forgot to arm yourself with waterproof essentials.

2) Carry Zip-Lock Pouches And Plastic Bags

Zip Lock Pouches

You do not want to unnecessarily worry about your expensive gadgets getting soaked in the rain, while you have set your mind on some adventure trekking in the rains. Whether it is a high-end camera or a luxury smart phone, keep them in zip-lock pouches to protect them from the rains. The plastic bags can come to your rescue, if your dormitory does not provide the facility to dry your wet clothes or wash them.

3) Avoid Street Food

Avoid Street Food

You may be allured to try out the crunchy and piping hot bhajiyas and chicken momos from the roadside shop. It is advisable to resist your temptation and opt for hygienic food. One should avoid consuming any kind of fruit juices; pre-cut fruits and other food items from road side vendors. Stick to healthy food as you may be susceptible to health issues. Make sure that you carry a bottle of boiled water or packaged drinking water always and a few light snacks with you.

4) Pack A First- Aid Box

First Aid Box

This is one of the most important essentials to be packed in your travel bag. During the monsoon time of the year, the probability of slipping and falling on the road or even catching a common cold in the rainy season is high. Hence, it is advisable to carry a first-aid box which includes painkillers, medicines, pain relief spray and a sanitizer, etc.

5) Cope Up With Power Shortage

Power Shortage

During the rainy season, be wary of unexpected power cuts. If you get stuck in traffic jams or there is a power outage in your hotel, arm yourself with a power bank and a pocket torch, as they can come in handy.

6) Use Insect Repellents

Insect Repellents

Monsoon is one season, which easily attract certain insects, especially mosquitoes. To keep mosquito bites at bay and protect yourself from any life-threatening diseases, carry appropriate repellents such as sprays, creams and gels.

7) Choose Comfortable Clothes

Comfortable Clothes

Pick the right clothes in dark colors and synthetic material that can dry off easily. Before you set out for the trip, choose rain-proof shoes.

8) Find Your People If You Need Help

Find Your People

Try and stay connected on social media or other networking sites, even though you are out alone to explore a different city.  Talk to people around and make friends. You will be surprised how great it can be to find a local tour guide for free or a helping hand in case of an emergency.


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