Special precautions for air travel during the Covid times

May 29, 2021 19:16
Special precautions for air travel during the Covid times

Special precautions for air travel during the Covid times:- The airports across the world wore a deserted look because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The footfalls reached all time low in the history and the airlines have been suffering huge losses. Some of the airports terminated the operations because the number of flights are reduced because of the second wave of coronavirus. The second wave is more deadly than the first wave and there are several changes in the airline industry because of the pandemic. The leisure travel came to a halt and all those who are in urgency are travelling through air. Most of them feel of avoiding air travel during these tough times. Here are some of the precautions to be taken during the coronavirus times during the air travel:

Always travel with a double mask and the double masking can reduce the exposure by 95 percent. The Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a cloth mask over a surgical mask and avoid the combinations of two surgical masks or a N95 mask or any other mask. It is also advisable to cover your body as much as possible during the travel. The travellers also should avoid open toed shoes. Also wear goggles which would be an additional protection for sure. The luggage should be cleaned with disinfectant wipes after the journey is completed. This can be done by applying a sanitizing gel to a tissue and wipe the luggage.

A window seat would be more protective during your air travel so that there would be less exposure of movement. An aisle seat should be avoided and it is advisable to book a seat in advance. Always maintain physical distancing when you are in the airport and when are in the flight. Always carry your own water bottle. It is always better to stay away from washrooms when they are crowded.

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