Smart way to impress your boss

May 07, 2015 19:43
Smart way to impress your boss

Whenever we feel ill or if there are no supporting conditions outside to go to an office, you may be offered to work from home. At those times, remember that your sincerity and dedication counts much more than the usual.

Generally at home we feel like skipping the work and relax, but in those times too, if you give your best output than usually what you give, then the office management notes this point. In future, whenever the situations does not support you to come to the office, you might be again offered to work from home.

In fact, if your output is very good, then you might be offered regularly to work from home. This saves your traveling time and that particular saved time can be used productively in some other works or in fact you can even use it for office work too where it again leads to better output.

This system is advantageous to organization as the output you are giving is increased and also you where you might be relaxed sitting in comfortable positions, no stress or pressure from your superiors.

By Phani

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