Stretch marks? Fight against them, instead of living with…

April 04, 2012 15:13
Stretch marks? Fight against them, instead of living with…

How to get rid of stretch marks naturally – something all us stretch mark suffers want to know. As with many beauty treatments, prevention is better than cure, and this will strike home for those considering how they might get rid of stretch marks naturally. Of course you cannot predict how prone your body will be to stretch marks and where exactly they will be placed, but if you bear in mind some things to avoid, your body will be grateful for preventative measures taken and you could just help yourself to know how to get rid of stretch marks naturally.

Stretch marks can appear on a woman’s waistline due to her hips and abdominal area widening during the course of puberty. This is a natural process with a natural yet unfortunate side effect. To remove stretch marks naturally you cannot simply skip puberty – an attractive yet unrealistic option. Stretch marks on the breasts, hips and thighs can appear at an alarming rate and consistency during puberty but do gradually fade over the next year or so. So a natural solution to getting rid of stretch marks may be to just bide your time.

But what if you possess too impatient a nature to wait for this amount of time? The following ‘how to get rid of stretch marks naturally’ methods have been recognized as contributing to the effective and natural removal of stretch marks:

natural ingredients form these rich moisturizing treats for your body.

cut out consumables which dry out the skin and invest in foods rich in vitamins, omega 3, protein, zinc and fatty acids.

stretch marks can be indicative of the skin not receiving adequate hydration, the solution to which is to pack yourself full of H2O.

Try to increase blood flow to areas most prone to stretch marks to see them fade naturally.

Out of sight, out of mind. Buy flattering clothing that emphasizes your best features whilst covering up those you feel most sensitive about. Focus on the compliments received. Cotton clothing will also allow the skin to breathe – try to avoid restrictive garments.

a little amount is good for you as it helps your body produce Vitamin D. Too much sun and you risk drying out your skin as well as inviting the possibility of more serious skin problems as well as an increase in stretch marks. Less is more for knowing how to get rid of stretch marks naturally with the sun.

Your skin reflects your health and lifestyle; so if you ooze positivity, eat healthily and keep active, your skin will be radiant. Also, although stretch marks may not actually fade, the glow emanating from your unblemished skin (i.e. the larger percentage of skin covering your body) will more than compensate. You may feel as though you’ve unlocked the secret on how to get rid of stretch marks naturally, because you’re no longer dwelling on them, but instead are focusing on your best assets. This has been a guide on how to get rid of stretch marks naturally.

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