Journey from Tired to Freshness!

March 29, 2012 12:15
Journey from Tired to Freshness!

More than rest of all months, summer is such a time when we are exhausted and tired more easily. We cannot afford the same to affect our look either. Let us know some quick tips to just get rid of tiredness from our face;

Apply shining cream

Dry skin will let you look exhausted. So as soon as possible with some containing components of aerobic shining cream. Let your skin to glow with natural luster and bright.

Applying foundation cream.

We all know that foundation cream not only have a good cover defect function, the more you can glow with shiny.

let your eyes look bigger more.

You can use the dark eyeline Pencil and dark eye shadow to cover up the small wrinkles around the eyes. The eyes as much as possible to draw biger, it looks spiritedness.

with tea bag apply eyes.

The two bags of green tea dip in the cold water or ice water, then apply on the eyes. This is to eliminate dark circles is a very effective.

wash your face with warm water.

First, can wash your face with cold water, let yourself more sober. then washed the dirt with cleansing cream, then rinse off clean with warm water several times, so that each will made face more luster.

If you believe, prevention is better than cure, then try out these preventive tips to prevent dullness of your skin;

1. every 1-2 weeks fixed Exfoliate 1 time, to remove the old skin cells, waste, dirt, clean pores, references bright color.

2. on the dark skin, the “moisture” is very important. Therefore, the basis of the daily maintenance is not the lack of moisturizing products. Shikishima best weekly 1st Mask, so that the skin to maintain adequate moisture.

3. to help massage the skin to speed up the metabolism, so that follow-up smear better absorption of skin care products, but also can prevent dull color. Concrete operation is as follows: coated massage products, with pulp easily repeated the whole face, with special reference to the site to strengthen the massage uneven color, using pulp products residues hands knead with the palm of your hand wrapped the face, use the palm of your hand to promote the products to absorb the temperature.

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