The Top Five Reasons Why Your Mother Is Your Best Teacher

September 05, 2017 16:57
The Top Five Reasons Why Your Mother Is Your Best Teacher

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The Top Five Reasons Why Your Mother Is Your Best Teacher:- Since 1962, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary September 5, 1888 has been celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India. Everyone celebrates the day by appreciating every teacher’s contribution in their respective fields. People make efforts on this day to express their gratitude to their teachers.

The people in India also celebrate Guru Purnima traditionally. Guru Purnima is an Indian festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers. Though Teacher’s Day is dedicated to each and every teacher who was part of your life, many of us forget that our mother is our first teacher. Your mother was the first person to teach you new things every day, before you even took a plunge into the academic learning session.

So, on this Teachers’ Day 2017, let us take out some time to appreciate our first role model in our life. Here are 5 reasons why your mother is your best teacher.

A) She Is Confident

Best Teacher

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She is always confident and cool as a cucumber. On a daily basis, you might come across many instances where you end up doubting yourself, but your mother is always confident because she usually cannot care less what people think about her. She allows her confidence to shine through even in the most difficult situations, which is why she is indeed your best role model.

B) She Is Selfless

Teachers Day

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One thing that definitely stands out about your mother is that she always puts you first. You will be surprised to see her simple selfless gestures which have a profound effect on growing kids. She never puts her needs first, and always sees to it that you have everything that you ever wished for. If that is not pure and true love, then we do not know what is.

C) She Never Gives Up

Reasons Your Mother Is Best Teacher

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Another word that best describes a mother is that she is totally ‘dedicated’. She is dedicated to anything and everything about you. She will never give up, and this is probably one of the best traits that you can learn from your mother. You have in fact learned about dedication to a goal you have, from your mother.

D) She Practices Honesty


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Who was the one who taught you honesty is always the best policy? It was probably your mother! And, she not only preaches it, but she also practices this herself. So she is not just good at dispensing advice, but she is also very honest about things.

E) She Is Non-Judgmental

Mother Teacher

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Setting an example for them is one way of raising non-judgmental children. So, irrespective of the situation, your mother does a great job to be non-judgmental. This in fact makes children open up to their parents because they know that they will not be loved any less, and be judged for their actions.


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