Newborns first poop can predict future IQ score

July 14, 2015 18:22
Newborns first poop can predict future IQ score

A new research done by the Case Western Reserve University has revealed that baby's first stool can predict the future cognitive status of a child.

The researchers worked on the Project Newborn and noted that there was a link between high levels of FAEE at birth and lower IQ scores. They explained that high levels of Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters (FAEE) found in the meconium i.e. a newborn's first stool from a mother's alcohol use during pregnancy could alert doctors if a child was at risk for problems with intelligence and reasoning.

The study described that newborns with distinctive fetal alcohol facial characteristics such as a smaller head and eyes, thin upper lip and a smooth ridge between upper lip and nose were more easily identifiable, but many babies exposed to alcohol could still appear normal.

The researchers concluded that out of 60 percent of the 191 mothers reported drinking while pregnant, 63 percent engaged in risk drinking and 15 mothers had at least 12 drinks per week.

The research is published in Journal of Pediatrics.

By Lizitha

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