Air pollution and poverty effects child IQ

April 30, 2015 17:23
Air pollution and poverty effects child IQ

Do you know that kids IQ levels are affected by pollution and poverty? It was proved by the study conducted by the New York researchers at Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. The research was carried out on 276 mother-child pairs from pregnancy through early childhood. Children of mothers who reported greater material hardship, and were exposed to high levels of PAH during pregnancy scored lower on tests of full scale IQ, perceptual reasoning, and working memory.

"The findings support policy interventions to reduce air pollution exposure in urban areas as well as programs to screen women early in pregnancy to identify those in need of psychological or material support," said senior study author Frederica Perera from the Columbia University in the US.

PAH are ever-present in the environment from emissions from motor vehicles, oil, and coal-burning for home heating and power generation, tobacco smoke, and other combustion sources. Material hardship is a measure used to assess an individual’s unmet basic needs with regard to food, clothing, and housing.

Poverty has been one of the major issue that effects child’s IQ and social behavior.  Lack of providing basic needs will show impact on the child’s behavior. So, parents are advised to satisfy the needs of children.

Air pollution is the other cause that effect child’s IQ. To avoid this problem, mother must protect herself and her baby from pollution right from her pregnancy.

By Lizitha

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