I decide to marry..

August 29, 2010 13:34
I decide to marry..

Discussing her marriage plans, Preity says everything happens in its own times and she is sick of the speculations. "It's a stressful topic," Preity told IANS in an interview.

Are you as excited as during your childhood?
Yes,I used to be crazy like other children to celebrate my birthday. But not so after the death of my dad. My dad used to give me the best of gifts, especially those things that I needed then. I am not crazy any more though.

How's it working with Karan?
Ah! After a long time a role I can completely connect with, and yet remain detached. I think Karan is really gifted as a writer. I can't believe how progressive his and Niranjan Iyenger's lines are. We were constantly bouncing ideas. Karan is someone I have always looked up to. But to work with him as a director for the first time, and that too in a project very different from his style, is a unique experience. The vibes on the sets with Amit-ji, Abhishek, Shah Rukh and Rani were amazing.

What makes this birthday special?
It's another year to look forward to. I don't want to sound philosophical. But I am just happy to be financially and emotionally independent. I can do what I want. But I am sad because my mom is in America with my brother. We are an absolutely global family. One of us is always travelling.

What are your final birthday thoughts... marriage?
I don't know where these marriage rumours came from. The people who spread these rumours got very excited with the thought. But they have finally given up. Marriage is a personal decision. I'll take the plunge when the time is right. As of now, there's nothing on the cards.

And what gifts did you get?
I can buy myself anything. So my best gift from friends is that they love me for who I am. I hope they continue to support me although I don't have too much time for them. My closest friend is Shagun in Delhi. She is always there for me. I don't need birthdays for my friends to make me feel special.

Isn't the time right now?
No. Everything happens in its own time. Right now I am working on my career. There's too much interest in my marriage. It is a stressful topic. I am a frank person. When there's something happening I'll announce it. Right now I am sick of these speculations.

You have a fine-tuning with both Shah Rukh and Hrithik Roshan. Your comment?
Though I have good relations with all the stars, but I have a nice friendship with Hrithik. However, Shah Rukh is more than a friend. I have a lot of respect for him as I have learnt many things from him.

When do you intend to marry?
At present, I am fully devoted to my career. When I decide to marry you would come to know about it.

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