Ali's double meaning fun continues

April 10, 2015 13:32
Ali's double meaning fun continues

Ali and Suma controversy at Son of Satyamurthy audio function went very viral in the movie industry.

It is known that on Son of Satyamurthy audio function, Ali made some double meaning fun on Suma which was later received by her very severely. This is the reason why Suma missed out the recent Son of Satyamurthy audio success function and also Lion audio function were Ali was hosting the program.

Suma is generally considered as the common host for any big movie functions, but due to that double meaning joke effect, Suma warned Ali seriously and was away from the functions.

But the thing is, though after the warning, it is observed that Ali is not turned down and still performing his double meaning jokes in public functions continuously at his best. At both, Son of Satyamurthy audio success function and Lion audio function, Ali commented on that concerned movie actresses in his regular style.

Especially, in Lion function, Ali commented on anchor Anasuya saying that her mike charge was completed which means a very big double meaning joke.  But as there is a good relation between Anasuya and Ali this might not lead to serious issue alike Suma's incident. But if Ali doesn't stop such activities, at any day it is for sure that it might lead to a definite serious issue. Ali, please take care of yourself.

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