Will Prabhas Be No.1 With Bahubali?

October 29, 2013 18:42
Will Prabhas Be No.1 With Bahubali?

Indications say Yes. Prabhas who became a star with "Chatrapathi" made by Rajamouli may climb to No. 1 position to stand at par with Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan with Bahubali.

As a director with a vision, Rajamouli knows how to get maximum output out from an actor.  He knows how to explore a person’s hidden capabilities.  He knows how to mend the special characteristics of an actor to suit the role he takes to elevate the character.  That way director Rajamouli can utilize total talents of Prabhas which so far not seen light.

A broadcasting station is not enough.  A receiver also should be in a good condition to receive what is sent in to the air.  The same way Prabhas has all the qualities a learner and an actor should possess.  He works very hard and goes in to the character given to him understanding the role well.  He also has commitment towards work which is praised by other directors also.

He has given a commitment that he will not marry till the movie Bahubali is not finished.  That is the devotion Prabhas showed towards his profession.

All put together it is a guarantee that Bahubali will take Prabhas to top position in the Telugu.


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