Sharing Bed With Your Partner Will Improve Sleep And Memory

July 03, 2020 17:46
Sharing Bed With Your Partner Will Improve Sleep And Memory

Sharing Bed With Your Partner Will Improve Sleep And Memory:- Even if there is a marital conflict or having differences, it is advisable to share a bed with your spouse to get a deep, better sleep. This indeed helps to solve your real-life problems with the utmost ease. This is the revealed as per the research that found that couples who slept together had less disrupted rapid-eye-movement (REM) and had a comfortable sleep than those who slept individually. The REM sleep is said to be linked to emotion regulation with your partner, memory consolidation and this helps in problem-solving along with social interactions.

Dr Henning Johannes Drews from the Center for Integrative Psychiatry (ZIP), Germany said that sleeping with your partner gives extra boost for your memory and will create problem-solving skills. They even make your mental health better which can lead to a patch up. Henning also said that most of them measured the sleep in couples with body movements. Dr Henning Johannes Drews and his team overcame all these limitations. They took the track of the sleep parameters in the presence and in the absence of their partners. They took these from brain waves, respiration, movements, heart activity and muscle tensions.

Special questionnaires are designed with which some of the results are fetched.

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