• South Asia chief executive of aviation consultancy Capa, Turkish Airlines, wifi in indian flights soon, Wifi

    WiFi in Indian Flights soon 28 March 2015

    Flight passengers of India could in the coming months surf the web while flying, with the government finally warming up to the idea of WiFi - based Internet connections on flights, meeting a longstanding demand of both airlines and passengers.A...

    Keywords: WiFi, Sanjiv Kapoor, Sanjiv Kapoor, Department of Telecommunications (DoT)

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    WiFO, WiFO, tenfold wifi bandwidth can make internet access faster and easier, Wifi

    Tenfold WiFi bandwidth can make internet access faster and easier 22 April 2015

    Having blazing fast internet speed is a dream for thousands of netizens across the world. Researchers at Oregon State University have invented a new technology which can boost the bandwidth of WiFi systems by 10 times, using LED lights to...

    Keywords: WiFi, Internet, WiFO, WiFO

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    link, Password, engineer creates handy map shows airport wifi password, Wifi

    Engineer Creates Handy Map, Shows Airport Wifi Password 08 October 2016

    Are you bored sitting at the airport for hours? Do you want to surf internet on your phone but don't have internet in your phone? Then here is the solution. Travel blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat has created...

    Keywords: engineer, Wifi, Password, Wifi

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    BSNL, BSNL, tirupati gets 5g wi fi hotspots, Wifi

    Tirupati gets 5G Wi-Fi Hotspots 17 June 2016

    Tirupati Telecom District BSNL have launched 5G Wi-Fi Hotspots in Nine Locations. BSNL currently offers Wi-Fi hotspots in APSRTC complex, Renigunta airport, head post office, Bairagipatteda, Korlagunta and TTD admin. Building in Tirupati. It also provides hotspots in SITAMS College...

    Keywords: Tirupati, 5G, Tirupati, 5G

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    Hyderabad Metro news, Sugar Box, hyderabad metro first in the country to introduce inflight like facilities, Wifi

    Hyderabad Metro First in the Country to Introduce Inflight-Like Facilities 11 December 2019

    Hyderabad Metro First in the Country to Introduce Inflight-Like Facilities:- The Hyderabad Metro tied up hands with SugarBox Networks to provide unlimited entertainment for the commuters traveling across the metro. Hyderabad Metro is the first in the country to introduce...

    Keywords: Sugar Box, Sugar Box, Hyderabad Metro, Hyderabad Metro new additions

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    Hyderabad, free WIFI, free wifi in these railway stations, Wifi

    Free WIFI in these railway stations 26 May 2015

    In all the major railway stations in the city like Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Kachiguda and also in Vijayawada railway stations, free WIFI services have been launched from Tuesday. After launching WIFI services at Tank Bund, there is a positive response from...

    Keywords: Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Hyderabad, free WIFI

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    WiFi Service, The Ministry of Tourism, madurai meenakshi temple gets wifi service, Wifi

    Madurai Meenakshi Temple gets WiFi Service 03 February 2017

    As a step to further development, the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has now launched Wifi service inside the famous Madurai Meenakshi temple. Devotees who visit the temple can now have access to free internet inside the temple. "The...

    Keywords: Madurai Meenakshi Temple, WiFi Service, The Ministry of Tourism, WiFi Service

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    wifi+3g, wifi+3g, google nexus 7 cellular model now in india, Wifi

    Google Nexus 7 cellular model now in India 03 April 2013

    Finally, after a much awaited delay, Google has decided to launch its 7 inch tablet with cellular capabilities in India today. The 32 GB variant of the tablet which was introduced quite some time ago in the rest of the...

    Keywords: Jellybean, Android 4.1, Android 4.1, Android 4.1

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    better wifi signals, beer, better wifi signals, Wifi

    Better Wifi Signals 28 March 2013

    All you need to have to make the most of your wifi is a tin can that you can get from soft drinks, beer or any of the same kind of containers made of tin. Step 1: Clean the can...

    Keywords: kind of containers, better wifi signals, better wifi signals, tip of the day

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    delhi kolkata rajdhani express, delhi kolkata rajdhani express, internet on the move wifi on rajdhani, Wifi

    Internet on the move,Wifi on Rajdhani 02 April 2013

    Good news for all those who frequently shuttle between Delhi-Kolkata Rajdhani Express train. The railway officials have said that people who would travel on this train can have access to Wi-Fi connection. The official has said that this was confirmed...

    Keywords: rajdhani train wifi, pawan kumar bansal rajdhani express train, wifi on trains, pawan kumar bansal rajdhani express train

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    brigade road, information and communication technology, free wifi hotspots in bangalore, Wifi

    Free WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore 19 March 2013

    India's IT capital Bangalore is going to get some highly desired features like free wireless internet at the popular places. The Mahatma Gandhi Road and Brigade Road which are the most frequented shopping destinations would be WiFi enabled soon with...

    Keywords: information and communication technology, free wifi, information and communication technology, wifi access

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    Wifi Jokes, Funny Jokes, free wifi to lonely colonies, Wifi

    Free WIFI to lonely colonies 26 May 2015

    Colony resident: Sir, my colony is very lonely, ladies are getting scared to live here.KTR: Is it?, then let me introduce free WIFI in your colony too.By Phani

    Keywords: Funny Jokes, Jokes, Funny Jokes, Jokes

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    Shoes, bidding, shoes with inbuilt wifi charger put for auction on ebay, Wifi

    Shoes with Inbuilt Wifi & Charger Put for Auction on Ebay 17 October 2016

    In a new innovation, Virgin America, Eleven Inc. and SearchnDesign in Milan, Italy has created a unique the Virgin American First Class shoe. These are inspired by Virgin America’s First Class amenities. The shoes come up with features such as...

    Keywords: Phone charger, bidding, Shoes, Shoes

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    Wifi, Passengers, railway station become porn stations because of free wifi, Wifi

    Railway Station Become Porn Stations Because of Free WiFi 18 October 2016

    Indian Railways in its new iniative, has launched free wi-fi at several important railway stations all over India for the convenience of passengers.But this has been misused by many passengers. People are using wifi for watching porn movies and videos.Indian...

    Keywords: Passengers, Railway Stations, Survey, Railway Stations

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    metro luxury uses, launch, 75 luxury buses in hyderabad gets wifi facility, Wifi

    75 Luxury Buses in Hyderabad Gets WiFi Facility 24 November 2016

    In a new initiative by the government, 4 G wi-fi facility has been launched in 75 metro luxury buses in Hyderabad. Passengers can avail the facility for 20 minutes every day, without any stop on data. It means that passengers...

    Keywords: Free WiFi facility, metro luxury uses, Free WiFi facility, Hyderabad

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    WiFi, WiFi, li fi faster and cheaper than wi fi, Wifi

    Li-Fi Faster and Cheaper than Wi-Fi 18 October 2013

    WiFi presently used for getting internet connection that is treated as the fastest mode to get connectivity is going to become obsolete with the new invention of LiFi by Chinese scientists. Li-Fi will prove as an asset to the netizens...

    Keywords: WiFi, Li-Fi replace WiFi, Connectivity with light, Connectivity with light

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    tips for Smartphones, wifi tips, smartphone games, Wifi

    Smartphone games 02 May 2013

    Are you one of those people pestered by ads in the game during a level up or right in the beginning and ending of everygame? Accidentally tap one of those ads and now you are worried about adware, malware etc?...

    Keywords: smartphone tips, tips for Smartphones, smartphone tips, wifi tips

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    microdot paper, sky smartpen, smartpen to save your notes, Wifi

    Smartpen to save your notes 11 January 2013

    Have you ever wanted to have your notes, the easy way without agonizingly re-typing the same notes again after you go home, on your PC for future reference as a soft copy? You are not the only person, I can...

    Keywords: evernote, iOS, sky smartpen, livescribe

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    WiFi, Connectivity with light, li fi to replace wi fi, Wifi

    Li-Fi to Replace Wi-Fi 18 October 2013

    WiFi presently used for getting internet connection that is treated as the fastest mode to get connectivity is going to become obsolete with the new invention of LiFi by Chinese scientists. Li-Fi will prove as an asset to the netizens...

    Keywords: WiFi, Li-Fi replace WiFi, LiFi, Li-Fi replace WiFi

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    Free WiFi, Delhi government, delhi wifi limited kejriwals another betrayal, Wifi

    Delhi WiFi, limited, Kejriwals another betrayal 25 May 2015

    The AAP government in Delhi is planning to make free WiFi functional in the capital state by February 2016, trying to integrate various transport, power and health services via the internet to make Delhi a smart city. The original poll...

    Keywords: Kejriwal, Kejriwal, Free WiFi, Free WiFi

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