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  • Kamal Harris, Joe Biden new updates, joe biden too has an indian link apart from kamala harris, White house

    Joe Biden too has an Indian Link apart from Kamala Harris 09 November 2020

    Joe Biden too has an Indian Link apart from Kamala Harris:- Joe Biden scripted history and he emerged as the 46th President of the United States of America. The results are out on Saturday as per the Indian time and...

    Keywords: Joe Biden first speech, Joe Biden latest, Joe Biden new updates, Joe Biden speech

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    White House Statement, Pakistan, pak might be included in immigration ban list white house official, White house

    Pak Might be Included in Immigration Ban List: White House Official 30 January 2017

    There is a chance in the future that Pakistan can be one of the countries where immigration can be banned. A top White House official indicated on Sunday that for the first time Pakistan was under consideration to be put...

    Keywords: Pakistan, US Immigration ban list, US Immigration ban list, US president

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    Persian Gulf, Iraq war, iraq seeks us help in air strike, White house

    Iraq seeks US help in air strike 19 June 2014

    Iraq which is going through a serious war has reportedly asked the United States help in air strike on ISIS [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] group. So far ISIS has killed 1,700 shiites and they are reports that the...

    Keywords: Iraq war, F-18 Fighter Jets, Iraq Prime Minsiter Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq war

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    White House, Obamas, obama and first lady on date night at indian eatery, White house

    Obama and First Lady on date night at Indian eatery 09 August 2013

    The Obamas are kicking off their vacation a few days early, accompanying date night at a restaurant near the White House. President Barack Obama along with First Lady Michelle Obama arrived on Thursday evening in formal attire at Rasika, an...

    Keywords: White House, The couple on date night at Indian eatery, Indian restaurant near White House, President Barack Obama

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    Narendra Modi meet Barack Obama, PM Office, narendra modi arrives in frankfurt way back to home, White house

    Narendra Modi arrives in Frankfurt, Way Back to home 01 October 2014

    India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived here in Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday to his en route to way back to home New Delhi. PM Modi said 'Thank You America' after his last official engagement of his five-day trip to...

    Keywords: PM Office, Narendra Modi Updates, Narendra Modi meet Barack Obama, Barack Obama

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    Donald Trump, Donald Trump, donald trump evacuated after shooting outside white house, White house

    Donald Trump Evacuated After Shooting Outside White House 11 August 2020

    Donald Trump Evacuated After Shooting Outside White House:- The security service guards monitoring the White House shot a person who was armed outside the White House on Monday. USA President Donald Trump was evacuated when he was briefing a press...

    Keywords: Donald Trump security, Donald Trump security service, Donald Trump, Donald Trump news

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    Jay Carney, south korea, n korea loads two missiles on launchers, White house

    N Korea loads two missiles on launchers 06 April 2013

    While the tensions are rising in the USA over the nuclear strike that is imminent as proclaimed by the North Korea, reports suggest that the oriental nation has already moved another of its mid range missile to the east coast...

    Keywords: considerable range, seoul, seoul, Jay Carney

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    President of United States, President of United States, us president obama to split with michelle, White house

    US President Obama to split with Michelle? 18 January 2014

    President of United States Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are likely to end their relation after Obama's tenure as President. According to a Washington daily 'National Enquirer', Michelle approached lawyers recently for divorce however she is will wait...

    Keywords: Hot Buzz, International news, US President Obama to split with Michelle, Michelle Obama

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    Infosys, Infosys, trump administration welcomes it giant s decision, White house

    Trump Administration Welcomes IT Giant’s Decision 03 May 2017

    The decision by the IT giant, Infosys, to hire 10,000 Americans in the next two years, was welcomed by the Trump administration today. “It was a result of the US government’s “pro-growth economic agenda,” said the Trump administration. On Tuesday,...

    Keywords: White House, Infosys, H1-B visa Programme, Infosys

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    twitter bomb hoax, twitter bomb hoax, wall street bleeds after twitter hoax, White house

    Wall Street bleeds after Twitter hoax 24 April 2013

    In a bizarre turn of events , a short lived bomb hoax on micro blogging social network site Twitter has erased USD 200 billion of value from US stock markets . Most of the transactions happened online without any human...

    Keywords: dow jones down, dow jones down, dow jones down, facebook fake news

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    Indian-American community, White House petition, the white house petition to declare pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism sets new record, White house

    The White House Petition To Declare Pakistan A State Sponsor Of Terrorism Sets New Record 05 October 2016

    The White House petition, filed by the Indian-American community to declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism under ‘We The People’ initiative has been archived by the Obama Administration as it feels that the petition has got fraud signatures, although...

    Keywords: Pakistan, US petition, Terrorism, Pakistan

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    Donald Trump updates, USA, donald trump issues emergency declaration in washington dc, White house

    Donald Trump Issues Emergency Declaration In Washington DC 12 January 2021

    Donald Trump Issues Emergency Declaration In Washington DC:- Donald Trump, the President of USA has issued an emergency declaration for the capital Washington DC ahead of his successor Joe Biden taking up the chair on January 20th. The White House...

    Keywords: Donald Trump Donald Trump steps, Donald Trump in Washington DC, Donald Trump in Washington DC, Joe Biden

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    Musudan, nuclear strike, will n korea really strike usa, White house

    Will N Korea really strike USA? 05 April 2013

    Tensions between North Korea and USA are still escalating after the Oriental nation has moved the missile with the nuclear warhead containing plutonium to the eastern coasts. The missile is reportedly mid-range and USA was making sure that the missiles...

    Keywords: prudent measures, white house, Musudan, nuclear strike

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    Presidential polls, Coronavirus, kamal harris urges voters to bring a change at white house, White house

    Kamal Harris Urges Voters to Bring a Change at White House 31 October 2020

    Kamal Harris Urges Voters to Bring a Change at White House:- Kamala Harris is the Vice Presidential candidate from the Democratic party in the USA polls. Kamala Harris urged the Americans to come out and vote in large numbers to...

    Keywords: Presidential polls, Kamala Harris latest, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump

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    George H.W. Walker, US President, george bush hospitalised, White house

    George Bush hospitalised! 24 December 2014

    Former United States President George Herbert Walker Bush was admitted in hospital after he complained shortness of breathe. The 90 year old politician was taken to Houston Methodist hospital on Tuesday. Last year Bush was admitted in the same hospital...

    Keywords: George HW Bush 90th birthday, George H.W. Walker, US President, US President

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    barack Obama, newtown, obama shattered with the shooting at school, White house

    Obama shattered with the shooting at school 15 December 2012

    After a madman, believed to have a personality disorder, rushed into Sandy Hook Elementary School, Ct, had killed over 26 people of which 20 were innocent kindergarten-to-fourth-grade children, Obama almost in tears, spoke to the people at the White House....

    Keywords: aurora shootings, gunman, , aurora shootings

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    Donald Trump, Donald Trump election campaign, donald trump returns to the white house without a mask, White house

    Donald Trump Returns to the White House Without a Mask 06 October 2020

    Donald Trump Returns to the White House Without a Mask:- American President Donald Trump is tested positive for coronavirus and he was admitted to a hospital after he had enough symptoms for the deadly disease. Donald Trump checked out of...

    Keywords: Donald Trump, Donald Trump election campaign, Donald Trump coronavirus, Donald Trump on twitter

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    Donald Trump, Raj Shah, trump appoints indian american to key position in white house, White house

    Trump Appoints Indian-American To Key Position In White House 13 September 2017

    Trump Appoints Indian-American To Key Position In White House:- In a much exciting development, Indian-American Raj Shah (32) has been appointed to a key position by US President Donald Trump, in his communications team, said the White House. The officials...

    Keywords: Raj Shah, Key Post, White House, Key Post

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    Manmohan Obama dinner at White House, Obama, manmohan obama dinner the most expensive, White house

    Manmohan - Obama dinner the most expensive! 13 February 2014

    The United States President Barack Obama has shelved a whopping amount of $ 1.55 million for dinners with various international leaders since 2009. US channel CBS News has obtained expenses of this dinners from the State Department Office of Protocol...

    Keywords: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Manmohan Obama dinner at White House

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    Crimea, Russian, crimea votes to join russia, White house

    Crimea votes to join Russia 17 March 2014

    A total of 96.77 per cent of voters in Crimea supported leaving Ukraine and joining the Russian Federation. About 1.5 million eligible voters participated in the Crimean referendum and election officials said that 80 per cent of them utilized their...

    Keywords: Ukraine, Russian, European Union, Crimea wants to join Russia

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